About me

I am looking for students (PhD with full scholarship, MSc by Research) and visitors working on IoT and Robotics to join my group. Drop me an email with your CV if you are interested.

I am an Assistant Professor in the School of Informatics at the University of Edinburgh. Before that I did both my PhD study and post-doctoral research in the Department of Computer Science, University of Oxford, advised by Prof. Niki Trigoni and Prof. Andrew Markham. I also work closely with Prof. John A. Stankovic. My PhD study was generously funded by Google DeepMind. Prior to Oxford, I received my MEng degree in 2015 from Nanyang Technological University (NTU), advised by Prof. Lihua Xie.


Broadly, my research interests revolve around the systems and modeling challenges when computers collect and reason about multi-modal data to interact with the physical environment. Within this broad notion, my research primarily focuses on the cyber-physical systems and autonomous systems, increasing their reliability, intelligence and security in the wild. I argue for a holistic approach by leveraging tactics from wireless systems, machine learning, mobile robotics, usable security&privacy and design novel methods at the boundaries of these areas.

More recently, my research thrusts lie in the following topics specifically around two MR systems - Mobile Robotics and Mixed Reality:

  1. Robust SLAM under visual degradation (e.g., darkness, fog, smoke or scarce visual cues).
  2. Safe Human-Robot collaboration via mixed reality (e.g. smart construction sites).
  3. Trusted localization and perception on mobile platforms (e.g., driverless cars).
  4. Physical-aware neural sensor fusion (e.g., sensor calibration without pain).

Recent News

  • October, 2020. One paper was accepted to SenSys 2020. Stay tuned for the code and dataset release!
  • April, 2020. Our research work on “Cross-modal ID leakage between device and user biometrics” (WWW’2020) receives tremendous attentions from high-impact public media outlets over the world. Check it out here.
  • April, 2020. Honored to be selected as Young Researcher to attend the 8th Heidelberg Laureate Forum!
  • March, 2020. One paper was accepted to MobiSys 2020. Code is available here.
  • January, 2020. One paper was accepted to WWW 2020 (ORAL). Code is available here.
  • January, 2020. Two papers were accepted to ICRA 2020. Code is available here.
  • December, 2019. We release the code and dataset of Snoopy attack on smartwatches, published at UbiComp’2018.
  • November, 2019. One paper was accepted to AAAI 2020 (ORAL). Code is available here.
  • October, 2019. Invited to serve as TPC for WWW’20.
  • February, 2019. One paper was accepted to CVPR 2019.
  • January, 2019. One paper was accepted to WWW 2019.
  • July, 2018. One paper was accepted to MobiCom 2018.