Last update: 15th July, 2022


We are looking for a creative and motivated postdoc candidate to work on multimodal fusion for robust localization. Past experience in multimodal fusion and/or graph neural networks is a plus. The selected candidate will join Dr. Chris Lu’s group and team up with other postgraduate students to address real-world localization challenges in GPS-denied and camera-restricted environments. This position can start immediately for one year with a strong chance to be extended to three years.

The project is research-oriented and aims to drastically improve the localization robustness in the wild by leveraging multimodal data (IMU, RF and floor plans etc.) and deep neural networks. The research is sponsored by Huawei Research Edinburgh which the selected candidate will work closely with and benefit from their strong engineering support and a large amount of labeled data collected in the wild.

Interested candidates may refer to our publications to understand the research we conduct: [1]. Selective Sensor Fusion for Neural Visual-Inertial Odometry [2]. milliEgo: Single-chip mmWave Radar Aided Egomotion Estimation via Deep Sensor Fusion [3]. Graph-based Thermal-Inertial SLAM with Probabilistic Neural Networks

Application deadline: 5pm (UK time) on 15 August 2022. Please e-mail me ( your CV with the full publication list and including a brief statement of project experience with the title [Prospective Postdoc]. Instead, you can also apply this position directly using this link.


Currently we do not have any open PhD or master by research (MScR) positions.


We regularly accept exceptional visiting scholars who have strong publication record in top venues regarding sensing, robotics and computer vision. If you are interested in visiting us, please send us a description of your research and your publication list.


We can only take interns who are students in the School of Informatics, University of Edinburgh. 2nd- or 3rd-year UG students from the School of Informatics are encouraged to drop me an email around May (every year) to discuss the summer internship opportunities.