I lead the Mobile Autonomy, Perception and Sensing (MAPS) Lab at the University of Edinburgh. I am fortunate to work or have worked with the following members:

PhD Students

Research Assistant

  • Qiyue Xia. Fall 2022 - present

Master by Research Students

  • Zhen Luo. Spring 2022 - present

Undergraduate Students

  • Zhijun Pan. Fall 2021 - present
  • Hantao Zhong. Summer 2022 - present
  • Xiangyu Wen. Summer 2022 - present


  • Nout Kleef. BSc. w. Distinction, 2021-2022. Now: U of Oxford
  • Mingxuan Liu. MSc w. Distinction, 2019-2020. Now: SAIC MOTOR